17.26 carats Amazing Solid Lightning Ridge black Opal (14312)

Solid Opal
Area Mined
Lightning Ridge
31.66mm X 25.30mm X 4.25mm thick
Carat Weight  17.26
Brightness  3.7
Body Tone  N5



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 From a parcel of rough opal I bought about 7 years ago, I roughed this one out but only just finished cutting it. On an N5 dark back ground, here we have absolutely amazing big flashing colours from a gem mined in the famous opal mining area of Lightning Ridge Australia. Measuring 31.66mm X 25.30mm X 4.25mm thick, this natural solid opal shows electric flashes of 3.7 out of 5 neon blues, azure and green bright colours. Weighing a whopping  17.26 carats, what a unique and magnificent opal pendant or opal brooch this huge gem would make.

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