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Hi all, Dave and Ro here. I (David) have been surrounded by opal since I was 8 years old. Starting from a family vacation to Andamooka where we all were struck and mesmerized by the beauty of this most magical gem, we have mined opal in Lightning Ridge and Queensland, cut our own opals, made jewellery with the beautiful opal we cut and sold our opals in retail stores throughout Australia. Though we stopped mining some years back we still cut our own opals. After selling off our last retail store some 20+ years ago I met my beautiful wife Ro, and together we embarked on retailing our beautiful opals and opal jewellery on the world wide web, bringing only the most beautiful gems to our friends around the globe. By selling our opals online only, and not having to pay the outrageous costs associated with running a bricks and mortar store, we are able to offer our Australian opals at less than half retail prices and we back that with a money back guarantee.

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