Serving HRH Princess Margaret in our opal boutique (1972)

Founded in 1968 as a family business we have been involved in the opal industry for over 45 years as miners, wholesalers, cutters and retailers. Our staff have an aggregate knowledge of opal, jewelry and customer service of over 105 years. You can rest assured in the knowledge that you are dealing with highly reputable opal specialists.

Setting up camp 1st day at Lightning Ridge N.S.W 1969.
David in the foreground, Peter (father) background to the right and Jean at the left

In 1980 we sold our retail store chain and put our focus on wholesaling to the US, cutting the most beautiful of opals, solid black opals from Lightning Ridge utilizing sources we have acquired over the decades to obtain our rough. Without the added expense of rent, high insurance, interior design, and 3rd party commissions, we found we were able to offer excellent value to our customers by purchasing rough opal directly from the opal mines and cutting and setting it ourselves to sell to retail stores.

Last days at Lightning Ridge N.S.W. 1974. Not a bad little bungalow we had built. That’s Len, Peter’s mining partner sat on the chair.

Last miners right issued to Peter Billingham (founder) Lightning Ridge fields, 1973. In 1974 mining began in the Queensland Boulder Opal fields

Much as we loved the ‘behind scenes’, we missed dealing with people and experiencing the delight with which our retail customers had admired our beautiful opals and opal jewelry when we had our retail stores. In March 1999 we joined ebay trading as peterjustopal and began selling some of the amazing loose opals that our family had collected over our decades of mining and cutting. In December 2000 we began selling our beautiful opal jewelry on ebay trading as Much as we love selling at auction on ebay and intend to continue with it we have found that not everyone enjoys waiting for an auction to end and the chance of being outbid. We needed to find a way to showcase our entire range. We hope you enjoy the experience of shopping on our web site. We are committed to bringing you only the finest opals and opal jewelry available at the best prices on the net, and are delighted we do not need to pass on the high costs of running a full retail store and thus can offer to you genuine wholesale prices.

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