Rare Pattern Natural Solid Lightning Ridge Black Opal (12311)

Solid Opal
Area Mined
Lightning Ridge
12.9mm X 7.5mm X 4.0mm
Carat Weight  2.17
Brightness  4.8
Body Tone  n4



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Amazing pattern of bright reds, green, yellow, blue and orange with fine webbing of the natural gray opal potch running through in this magnificent solid semi-black opal from the famous mining area of Lightning Ridge Australia. With lots of colour movement to catch the eye, measuring 12.90mm X 7.50mm X 4.00mm thick, this natural solid N4 darkness, 4.8 out of 5 brightness, 2.17 carat opal would make a magnificent unique opal engagement ring or perhaps with a few diamonds an opal cocktail ring or pendant.
The cutter of the 100% natural gem has left some of the natural opal clay it was found in in the back and side, proving beyond a doubt this is the real thing and hasn’t been dyed or treated in any way.

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