Beautiful Solid Lightning Ridge Black Opal (12584)

Solid Opal
Area Mined
Lightning Ridge
11.40mm X 8.30mm X 2.50mm
Carat Weight  1.51
Brightness  4.7
Body Tone  N6



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A beautiful natural solid opal from Lightning Ridge Australia. Gorgeous bright dancing greens with blue and orange colours, what a gorgeous gemstone this is. This 1.51 carat N6 Solid Opal shows 4.7 out of 5 bright colours with lots of colour movement making this 11.40mm X 8.30mm X 2.50mm opal perfect for that opal pendant or Australian opal ring you’ve always wanted. 
The cutter of this wonderful gem has left some dots of the natural opal clay it was found in still in the back, proving beyond a doubt this is the real thing and has not been dyed or treated in any way.


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