Absolutely Stunning Solid Lightning Ridge Black Unique Opal (15664)

Solid Opal
Area Mined
Lightning Ridge
14.36mm X 8.97mm X 2.53mm
Carat Weight 2.04
Brightness 4.8
Body Tone n1 to n5



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On fire wonderful solid black unique opal showing a directional flash of fiery red/orange with yellow and green and an area of natural black potch (mother opal) making this natural black opal a one of a kind unique gem. Mined in the area of Lightning Ridge Australia, this 2.04 carats 14.36mm X 8.97mm X 2.53mm gem would make a gorgeous opal pendant. This totally natural N1 to N5 darkness, 4.8 out of 5 bright, untreated solid Australian opal is sure to put a smile on the face of its new owner.

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