5 BRIGHT Solid Australian Lightning Ridge Black Opal (15691)


Solid Opal
Area Mined
Lightning Ridge
9.51mm X 5.67mm X 2.82mm
Carat Weight  0.97
Brightness  5
Body Tone  N5


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A wonderful solid semi-black opal displaying a stunning 5 out of 5 bright flashes of fiery rich red colours that engulf this gem. Mixed with stunning greens and blue coloring, all on an N5 dark background this is a rare gemstone. Measuring 9.51mm X 5.67mm X 2.82mm thick and weighing .97 carats, how wonderful this Lightning Ridge black opal would look in a hand made opal cocktail ring perhaps with a diamond or two highlighting.
This is a totally natural genuine solid 5 bright Australian opal, it has not been dyed or treated in any way.

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